KFC Franchise Philippines

KFC Franchise Philippines

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) being the world’s most well-known chicken restaurant chain situated in Louisville, Kentucky has been serving its unique “finger lickin’ good” Kentucky Fried Chicken to its a large number of clients in 109 nations around the globe for just about 90 years.

KFC Franchise Philippines


KFC Franchise Philippines

How it began

Started by a 40-year-old man with an extraordinary skill and passion for cooking named Harland Sanders, KFC begun in an service station in Corbin, Kentucky in 1930’s. While working the service station, Sanders started cooking for his clients, especially those hungry explorers who stop in for gas. Since he didn’t have his own particular restaurant yet, his clients eat from his own dining table found at the station’s quarters.

In 1935, as Sander’s fame grew among the general population, he was designated as Kentucky Colonel by Governor Ruby Laffoon in acknowledgment of his contribution to the state’s cuisine.

As more and more people demand for his cooking, Sanders decided to move across the street to increase his capacity. It was in 1939, when he was able to perfect his original and secret blend of 11 herbs and spices for his chicken. And after the Colonel found the quickest way of frying the chicken by  using a pressure cooker rather than an iron skillet, he was able to come up with the best chicken that he ever tasted, and the “Kentucky Fried Chicken” that we all know was born.

As an ever increasing number of individuals interest for his cooking, Sanders chosen to move over the street to build his ability. It was in 1939, when he could idealize his unique and secret blend of 11 herbs and flavors for his chicken. What’s more, after the Colonel found the quikest method for frying the chicken by using a pressure cooker instead of an iron skillet, he could think of the best chicken that he ever tasted, and the “Kentucky Fried Chicken” that we as a whole know was born.

kfc franchise philippines

KFC around the world

In 1955, Sanders gave himself in building up his franchising business and until this time, KFC Corporation was established. In under 10 years, his franchise grew more than 600 in U.S. furthermore, Canada. KFC Corporation grew quickly and opened up to the world in 1966 after Sanders chosen to sell it to a group of investors in 1964. In 1997, it turned into an independent restaurant organization known as Tricon Global Restaurants Inc. after being spun-off by PepsiCo. in 1986. Presently, the organization is known as YUM! Brands Inc. what’s more, holds the title of being the world’s biggest restaurant company with more than 36,000 areas around the globe.


The Secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices

For quite a long time, the secret recipe of Sanders is secured in a safe in Louisville, Kentucky. Just a few and trusted individuals know this “secrect” formula and it is kept in privacy by contract. These days, the secret formula runs with technological advancement. It was ensured by strict safety measures in which one spice organization blends a portion of the recipe’s formula and the other organization blends the rest of. To guarantee the recipe’s full security, a computer processing system is utilized to standardize the blends and to ensure that neither of the spice companies know the complete recipe.

KFC in the Philippines

KFC was presented in the nation in 1967 and during that time, KFC was managed by various franchisers. It was in June 1997 when Manuel U. Augustines got the sole franchise of the deals and distribution of KFC franchise Philippines. KFC Franchise Philippines is a piece of the YUM! Restaurants Inc. furthermore, is under the corporate name of Quick Service Restaurants (QSR). These days, KFC keeps on developing in the nation with more than 150 outlets the all over the Philippines.


kfc franchise philippines

KFC Franchise Philippines

It is most likely this secret recipe of KFC is adored and will be cherished significantly more by millions of people around the globe, including us Filipinos, whatever is left of the Thomasian people group and even the following eras – for this Kentucky Fried Chicken is truly “finger lickin’ good!”

The most effective method to Franchise: The Investment, Royalty Fees and The 3 Step Process of Franchising

The base worth of ventures required is $1.5 million, and $700,000.00 in liquid assets. the liquid asstes are either money or investment that can be encashed within 10 days. The total investment required, the franchisee should pay to the franchisor 5% of the month to month net incomes.


Contact and Application.

Intrigued Franchisee will fill out Franchise Information Request Form through the online Franchise Information Request Application. In the event that chose, a Regional Franchise Recruitment Manager (RFRM) will soon reach you. You will then be made a request to return a comprehensive Franchisee Application.


After submission, the RFRM will then meet you to survey your comprehensive application and a background examination will be directed. Besides, a meeting with suitable YRI administration team is then set. The application and assessment period for the most part takes 8-12 weeks handling time


Market development zone and site determination process is done in this stage. Once endorsed as another franchisee, a restaurant training is then required to you and your staffs.


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kfc franchise philippines